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Scannano is a privately-held company located and registared in Finland dedicated to     
the design and commercial development of a series of advanced Resonant Micro-
Electro-Mechanical Systems devices (R-MEMS).

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, also known as micro-machines, are revolutionary
devices based upon the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and
electronics on a common silicon chip. MEMS technology promises to benefit nearly
every product category by bringing together silicon-based microelectronics with
micromachining technology, to achieve the realization of complete "system-on-a-chip".

The Company has developed unique, patented MEMS devices that are capable of
detecting and measuring the presence and interaction of sub-atomic particles such as
photons and electrons. In combination with a range of custom, task-specific software,   
the Scannano MEMS devices can perform their tasks with unequalled levels of speed,
precision and reliability.

Dr. Andrei Pavlov, President and Founder of ScanNanoTek announced further progress
in its R&D Program, demonstrating the validity of its Deep Vacuum Gap Technology for
the production of new MEMS devices. This follows ScanNanoTek's October 2, 2011
announcement about encouraging progress in a new R&D Program in which
STMicroelectronics, for its CMOS technology expertise, is engaged.